Being a community in Christ…
Impacting our world for Christ
Our mission is to become a biblically rooted and culturally sensitive church moved by the Great Commission which equips and enables men and women to communicate Christ through significant relationships with God, with one another, and with non-believers.
Our mission is to see God mature us into a local community of believers committed to serve those within the community of believers and seeking those outside the community of believers, both locally and globally, with character, compassion, courage and creativity.
Core Values…
Fellowship/Community (John 13:34-35)
The essence of community is loving one another. We believe in and trust one another in our community of faith. Every leaders places a high importance on not just completing a task, but on building Christ-centered relationships. We value that life is done best when experienced together… learning, growing, celebrating and spending time with one another. There is always room for more members in our family and no member is more or less important than another.  We seek to minister equally to every person in every situation.  We value the principle that everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable!
Inspiring Worship (Matthew 22:37)
The essence of worship is valuing Christ more than all the world has to offer. Thus, we value corporate worship that honors Him and helps us to adore Him more with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. Worship though, is not simply a Sunday morning activity, but a life that we live in constant awareness of and in response to God’s mercy, greatness and love.
Reaching Out (Matthew 22:39)
The essence of reaching out is loving others as Christ has loved us. We value missions and evangelism, the privilege God has given all of us of being His ambassadors, accomplishing His goal of spreading the knowledge of His glory to all the nations. We value spreading a passion for His glory to all people; those within our church family and those without, those who live nearby and those who live on other continents.
Stewardship (Matthew 6:33)
The essence of stewardship is loving God and His kingdom above all else. We value God’s call for His children to become good and faithful stewards. Stewardship reaches beyond the money picture and includes total stewardship of one’s life: time, talents, treasure, and temple.
Transforming Discipleship (Hebrews 5:12-6:1)
The essence of discipleship is allowing God’s love to transform us. We value growth in Christlikeness in every believer, as all of us become the disciples God intends us to be. We value the way God uses the ministries and services of our church family in that growth.