Missions Trip Q&A
How much does the trip cost?
The cost of the trip is $1,200.00.
What is included in the price?
Everything is included in the price: airfare, lodging, food, and transportation. The only additional money needed is for souvenirs and any food purchased in the airport.
Can I make payments toward the trip?
Yes. Several people make monthly payments. Just send any payments to the church office.
When is the money needed?
There are two important deadlines to remember: First, by March 1st. you need to pay $700.00. This covers the cost of your airline tickets. The remaining $500.00 is due by June 1st. 
Is any of the money refundable?
Yes and no! Any money you give towards the trip is 100% refundable until the airline tickets are purchased. After that you can only be refunded the balance in your account (minus the tickets).
Where do I send the money?
You can mail any checks to the church office or give them directly to our church secretary. Please do not put payment money in the Sunday morning offering.
Can I sponsor someone to go on the trip?
Yes. Send sponsorship money to the church office and indicate which account to credit. You will receive tax credit only if the person you are sponsoring does not live in your household.
What is the mailing address of the church so I can send a payment?
Send all payments to…
Hickory First Church of God
306 14th St SW
Hickory, NC 28602